Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Watch: Is Wolverine Losing His Powers?

Hugh Jackman's famous "X-Men" character may become merely mortal in the upcoming "The Wolverine."

Wolverine is thrashing his way back to the big screen.
For the first time since his less-than-favorable 2009 spinoff, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has his claws out again as the fan-favorite X-Men character in the soon-to-be blockbuster, The Wolverine.

In the nearly two-minute trailer for the James Mangold film, Logan a.k.a Wolverine struggles with his superpowers, claiming "that's not who I am anymore." The Marvel mutant travels to Japan, where he comes face-to-face with a man who owes him a debt.
"For so many years, I have wanted to thank you for saving my life," an elderly war veteran tells Wolverine, recalling how the hero rescued him from the heat blast of an atomic bomb. "But I didn't send for you only to thank you, Logan. I wanted to repay you. A gift to equal the life you gave me. You have struggled long enough. I can end your eternity — make you mortal."
"What they did to me...what I am...can't be undone," Logan bemoans. But the old man responds, "Don't be so sure." And by the end of the trailer, Wolverine comes to a startling conclusion: "I'm not healing."
The full-length trailer comes on the heels of The Wolverine team rolling out bits and pieces of promotion throughout the week. On Monday, the film's director posted a six-second Vine teaser on his Twitter account, as a new poster hit the web. Then Tuesday, Twentieth Century Fox treated fans to an official 33-second teaser trailer, which revealed Logan a.k.a. Wolverine wondering about reversing his mutations.
The Wolverine hits theaters on July 26.

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